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Best thread detailing one young vaxxed-up athlete after another dropping like flies mostly from weird heart issues. Coincidence?

A good read.

Memory leaks seem to be rampant in apps built for Apple M1 based Macs -- especially in Apple's own software.

Lady has a meltdown on a plane. She had asked the passenger in the adjoining seat for his vax card. When she found out that he wasn't vaccinated, she demands that the flight attendant move her away from him so she doesn't have to "breathe his oxygen." When she's told that's impossible because all the seats are occupied, she continues to rant. Pilot comes out and says that his airline doesn't discriminate on the basis of vaccine status, so she'll just have to disembark.

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It has officially been 1 month since Norway removed all Covid restrictions.

They have no vaccine passports, mask mandates, or social distancing rules.

Their seven-day rolling average of new deaths is lower than ever.

Why is no one talking about this?

Watching the WH Press conference. People were seated and ready at 2:45 (Eastern) some frumpy people came through telling them it would begin at 3. It's now 3:05 and they announced a 2 minute warning (warning?) on the briefing. This administration is always tardy and has no respect for time. What does that tell you?

Are the homeless there as props or for some scam? What's this all about?

OK, I wish this were an audio clip. It's a gem showing how these vaccines are indeed "duds."

This disgusting story should make people want to spit on any reporter working for the WAPO...sad

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"Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder and world’s second-richest man, took 59 flights in 2017 travelling more than 200,000 miles, according to the study by academics at Lund University. The report estimated that Gates’ private jet travel....emitted about 1,600 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That compares to a global average of less than five tonnes per person."

@surrealestate and I moved in July so I’m still going through boxes to put stuff away. I was SO excited to find my official certificate of Damehood yesterday! Now it can go back on my desk where it belongs!

So don’t be a douchebag guys! Donate to No Agenda and get your Dame or Knight certificate today! You won’t regret it!❤️
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all the cities named Brandon in the US and Canada! Let's go!

She is still the sweetheart of this and try to understand how that works.

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