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A lengthy rant-ish screed by Greenwald that does introduce you to the internecine battles within the Liberal milieu in the USA. Quite funny.

Everyone should probably watch this gem before the a-holes at YouTube take it down.

An interesting self-absorbed Nieman-Marxist shaming those leaving California, then telling us SHE is leaving too. Weird takes.Educational.

for anyone wondering...I DO NOT LOOK AT THE DM's people send.

I visit the box once a month maybe. This is because there is no system that tells me there is a new DM waiting. So I never go there.

Have have done no extensive uploading but now I am blocked from uploading a simple image?

@adam who do I complain to?

Probably should watch this since the wimps are taking Andy Ngo off every platform they can. YouTube has no backbone for this.

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Wellington, OH - 6/26/21

It appears there will be another Trump rally again at 7:00PM EDT.

It must be all the most popular president Biden fans already lining up there 🤣

Right Side Broadcasting

Canadian Doctors continue to be cancelled for questioning the severity of the pandemic and the safety of vaccines:

Doctors contract not renewed and suspended from university.

So much for science. Shouldn't science always be questioned? Grrr

@adam @Johncdvorak

We had a account for no agenda with over 700 members. Somehow I got wrangled into being an admin. I assume it’s ok to let this go with our noagendameetups platform working so well. So just an FYI @Johncdvorak @adam and sir Dude named Daniel.


Red-Pilled Beauty Pageant Queen GOES OFF on Tech Censorship and Campus Intolerance

@adam @Johncdvorak
I’m tryna’ sticker the neighborhood.
And newspaper it too.

Victoria, BC Canaduh

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