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A year ago, having recently greatly increased my average monthly income (from next-to-nothing to slightly more than enough) I set up a recurring US$5 monthly donation to No Agenda.

Six months later, that income petered out, but I was so used to that monthly donation that I just left it in place.

Now that I'm back "in the black", I shall have to increase my donation, a tiny contribution to thank @adam and @Johncdvorak for their service.

Set up a monthly donation. It works.

I thinking running these horror stories ever so oftn is a winner.

Officials say 130 suspected victims of possible energy weapon

My final year of teaching was 2018-2019. I taught 7th grade science that term. Our illustrious district contracted the county health department to teach the sex-Ed stuff. Every Friday from January to April I sat in my room and listened to some just out of college lady “teach” kids about sex.
Topics addressed:
Biological processes
Condom fitting on a wooden penis
I could NOT believe she brought up facials. I told my boss.
“So what?”

Terrible folks

If this picture wasn't serious I'd feel better about humanity.

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