WTF?? Why is there a flying saucer on the "National Intelligence Manager for Aviation" emblem??

@roundy @MikeRiley the actual compositional balance killed your chances. It was just a wall of pink.

@zeropolitics OK, I will say that you are correct here...we have played clips from that...some time back. So OK, you win that point. Thanks.

@janagyjr @scottymadrid i wrote it using the response link, I have no idea why it became stand alone..BUG

I've never made this claim, I have no idea. We are reading from BOTG reports and other sources making the claim. Bitch to them. The CBS report is not even in the discussion, except by you -- and you keep bringing it up like some sort of "reverse logic" proof.

@zeropolitics @thisisthebreath @adam WTF? This is not a court of law doofus. I have no burden of proof requirement about any of this. If you think all this is on the up and up. Good for you. Quit complaining.

@zeropolitics @jessecoynelson @adam Do you even know what money laundering is? How old are you? Seriously, how old?

@zeropolitics @thisisthebreath @adam The 30-percent figure predates any CBS nonsense. Why is this so important to you?

@zeropolitics @thisisthebreath @adam You've personally seen billions of dollars of weapons used? How's that work? Is that the "overwheming evidence?"

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