Prediction. This 1974-1975 Broadway play will never get a tribute or a reprise.

Can anyone point me to a discussion (print, audio, video) where lawyers discuss the potential for cracking the vaccine liability protection and how Pfizer in particular can be sued over its vaccines.

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Absolutely amazing: the New York Times' Justice Department reporter says the US faces an "essential natsec dilemma": namely, that Trump supporters are "enemies of the state" and all of the GOP is a threat to the State. This is a reporter -- not an op-ed writer -- saying this:

Hearing anyone describe a traumatic and violent experience provoke emotions: even for police officers. That's what today is for.

But the fixation on 1/6 is about exactly this: classifying Trump supporters as Enemies of the State for political gain & Security State power.

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@blackcloud you're blocked for being a dick You did NOT harken back to 1862 in the post that I commented on.

@NoBeret @adam because Adam already blasted away at the Pool man and freedom phone BS

Oz dropped a bomb.

In Australia they just announed 141 people are in the hospital with covid with over 40 in intensive care.

All were vaccinated but 1, and the 1 person wasn't considered vaccinated because they only had 1 dose.

Around the 6 min mark till 7 min mark

Here comes the media blitz to blast the unvaccinated for causing it.
@adam @Johncdvorak

Yes, I am finally dissecting the ludicrous "no joke" Biden/CNN Town Hall from last Wednesday. Spotted a few overlooked anomalies already.

For tomorrow's newsletter I want to do a collection anti-Vax backlash memes. Suggestions welcome!!

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