This nonsense has gone too far. This is official lunacy now.

I was going to load up the newsletter (may still do it in the future) with the best of the Baldwin memes, but did not want to detract from the anniversary. That said, one showed up that was so well done, I have to show it here.

@roundy I can assure you in advance that we will not be picking any art with Baldwin imagery out of respect for the dead and because of negative vibes. That said, nothing is written in stone.

@roundy @Baylor @quirkess @Beachbunny I think it is hilarious -- as a meme. Insofar as show art is concerned it violates some unwritten rules including satirizing an actual deal woman.

Sometimes I'm actually surprised by who jumps of the virtue bandwagon seemingly for no good reason. I'm sure he has some ponderous explanation. But to actually get on the "picket" line??? WTF?

@SirFahrenheit @aighead @adam you're just being needlessly troublesome and pedantic. You can stop now.

@Wagair @roundy I was surprised to see these submissions and we're appreciative because of the intensity of the competition and the requirement of listening live which is a burden the way I see it.

@SirFahrenheit @aighead @adam "Fuck" is by definition a profanity. Notso "kill" -- it's that simple, get over it.

@roundy @CSB @MountainJay @Kennyben oh and a lot of people only submit one piece if they are seriously hand drawn. A lot work with templates.

@roundy @CSB @MountainJay @Kennyben two of the Roundy pieces were in contention...will discuss on next show. I will use one in next newsletter.

@BlueDouche Yeah, after Davis let Gruden build a custom built home in the Vegas area.

@KitteesPJs @adam the array oddogs is impressive, the so-called "mushing" is not. 😋

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