This nonsense has gone too far. This is official lunacy now.

I was going to load up the newsletter (may still do it in the future) with the best of the Baldwin memes, but did not want to detract from the anniversary. That said, one showed up that was so well done, I have to show it here.

Sometimes I'm actually surprised by who jumps of the virtue bandwagon seemingly for no good reason. I'm sure he has some ponderous explanation. But to actually get on the "picket" line??? WTF?

I knew Rotten tomatoes was falling down on the job but this made me realize it's the media (as usual) who are just dishonest.

Just so you know what you are dealing with regarding the elites. From the Harvard Crimson:

The first thing I thought was "Arresting and locking her up?" seems as if FBI "G-men" has taken on a whole new meaning.

It looks like the hateful comments by Joy Reid are OK but ...

Still a fav pic from a previous newsletter. Does blackface on this guy surprise anyone?

We cannot let this art go by without saying it could have easily won for today's show. And is a Mike Riley winner.

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