This was an TC interview from 2017. What is with this guys neck? Proof that aliens exist?

Hmmm.... Baltimore goes up in flames right after this gets underway.

What used to be classic Ham radio operators have become what I think of as classic podcasters

Can someone please explain to me our rationale for interfering in German-Russian business deals?? How do we rationalize this sort of meddling?

The basic questions come to mind. 1) if you've had Covid, why are you getting the vaccine?? and 2) if you've received the vaccine why are you being tested for Covid at all?

Wait, what? I thought Global warming was causing "severe" winters, etc.

Foodie tip. If you like the flavor of real "pickled" Jalapenos but cannot eat too many because of the heat. Go here. Very edible, mild and flavorful but not tamed. I'll eat four or five at a time. A great product.

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