Virtue signalling to who? And why? The opening screen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Nobody else does this that I can find.

This joker with the bogus top who now purports to be a woman, is a comic genius and the new Canadian open gender rules cannot do anything about it while he flaunts the idiocy of it all in one massive put-on.

Finally found the name for this flag. "Progress Pride Rainbow all Inlcusive Bisexual Non Binary Lesbian Transgender Flag"

I think.

It was discussed on the last No Agenda Show.

Moment of horror and TWEET of the month. Where is the video??

Wait what? According to this Canadian teacher pushing an agenda...there are now 19 various "queer" flags?? Wow.

I have mentioned this before THIS is the BeeLink machine we are discussing.

the price fluctuates from 169-219 or so and the coupon fluctuates too.

Latest Biden hire. Former public S&M Gay Dom suddenly turned flamboyant trans woman, Samuel Brinton. Now working at the IAEA protecting our nuclear safety. Downplayed by the NYT,

Equity at work! THANKS BIDEN!

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