Virtue signalling to who? And why? The opening screen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Nobody else does this that I can find.

@oneandthesame Good point. It says "live in front of .." Not that the audience is actually alive. @Johncdvorak

@Johncdvorak Jimmy Kimmel is unwatchable garbage for anyone who isn't vaccinated so it's a fair warning.

@krabappel @Johncdvorak Colbert is worse. Fallon might be the most watchable these days.

@notaslut @krabappel @Johncdvorak what happened to Colbert? I don't understand how he went from one of the funniest guys on TV to this humorless zombie.

@Johncdvorak good show opener - “Live! In front of a vaccinated troll room!”

It almost seems akin to bragging to the pharma companies. Something like: look at what we can get people to get on board with for your product

@Johncdvorak might be a native advertisement, instead of brought to you by Pfizer

@Johncdvorak Hes extra spook guided methinks. Or Pharma is clinging just to his show.

@Johncdvorak isnt the rona over? joe said it was. So it has to be. “All hail king Joe, the child sniffer. “

@Johncdvorak abc seems to be the most nuts with this style of virtue signaling. The Conners S4E1 was titled “Trucking Live in Front of a Fully Vaccinated Studio Audience”

@Johncdvorak I don't think it's only virtue signaling: it's an ad paid by Pfizer!

@Johncdvorak Wow no wonder they have to use a virtual audiance

@Johncdvorak this particular demographic makes for the best laugh track!

@Johncdvorak Gutfeld for the win in this crowd. I can speak for the live audience experience of both Gutfeld and Colbert. Gutfeld was way more fun. No vax or mask required.


New paper confirms that the COVID vaccines kill brain cells and heart cells, leading to death

I am sure of it.
I do not recognize old R&R / Punk/ Hippy friends anymore.
(And family!)

The new age of ZOMBIES .

Look at their eyes, they have no fun.
And all they say is so arrogant under cooled.

Sure they are drugged.

Salud Hermanos di NoAgenda
😎 ☀️ 🌴 🍸

@CanaryKazjmir @Johncdvorak btw, do you notice a distinct smell from the freshly injected? i concur with the personality effects plus the cognitive capabilities slipping. that smell tho, its intense :S

@greyknight33 @CanaryKazjmir @Johncdvorak

I think pharma breath was a thing before. But anything causing breakdown won't help ...

@Quentin @CanaryKazjmir @Johncdvorak maybe because of mass rollout i'm detecting it more unlike previous softer rollouts. nonetheless, p-harma breath is terrible

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