This joker with the bogus top who now purports to be a woman, is a comic genius and the new Canadian open gender rules cannot do anything about it while he flaunts the idiocy of it all in one massive put-on.

@Johncdvorak It is a brilliant troll.

At least I hope its a brilliant troll.

@Wagair @Johncdvorak this country of mine is so fucked up that no matter how much I try to consider that this is trolling, it always fails and comes back to this person is a kook.

@coldacid They're still a kook even if they are trolling. Just a more agreeable kook!

@Johncdvorak seems like a safety concern around all those shop saws😕.

I think he's trying to pull a Corporal Klinger. "Pay me to stay home if you don't like it".

@Johncdvorak I read he uses the women's loo. Maybe he's a nutter and not a joker.


Any video of this whatever it is. All I've seen are pictures.

@Cosmic @Johncdvorak It was a difficult wank. Not impossible, just difficult.


Please tell me this isn't Sir Kevin McLaughlin, Lover of America and Boobs...

@Johncdvorak I’m just impressed. At the school having wood shop.

@Johncdvorak yet my sister in law (who is a teacher) will adamantly defend teachers as not being the tip of the Marxist spear... I think she's slowly coming around, though! Hard to refute crap like this picture.
I believe my own sister was groomed into the lgbt Mafia by a teacher because she didn't really fit in elsewhere and found her home in that clique

@Johncdvorak I sure hope this guy is a comic genius.

It's really hard to imagine the citizens there are just going along with it all.


Officer: "Can you describe the person that robbed you?"

You: " Uhhhhhh ..... "

@Johncdvorak Many think here in Canada that Mr. Hannah is deliberately trying to get fired so that he can launch an Ontario Human Rights case and sue the HSDB.

@Johncdvorak Only in Canada, otherwise I think he would need to freeze them full of icepacks overnight.

@Johncdvorak I remember when this was referred to as "performance art" back in the '80s.

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