Finally found the name for this flag. "Progress Pride Rainbow all Inlcusive Bisexual Non Binary Lesbian Transgender Flag"

I think.

It was discussed on the last No Agenda Show.

@Johncdvorak That's the new American flag, the Stripes and Stripes.

You would be walking on egg-shells around the explicitly black parts. All inclusive has many qualifiers that are explicitly forbidden to enumerate.

@Johncdvorak clearly, it's an abomination of the worst kind.

a sigil of the damned.

good evenin' John. :^)

@MSP_SMIMSA @Johncdvorak

yikes. the fragrance market is ridiculous.

here we have a model posing with the parfum, and throwing up the devil hand sign.

they're everywhere..
and the same legion is responsible for the agenda, which is *so* rife in the valley.

@Johncdvorak It's more like the 'I was raised by drunks, addicts, douchebags, ne'er do wells, and the Marxist/Pharmaceutical/Media Industrial Complex' flag.

@GettingCooked @Johncdvorak it is clearly the flag of a demoralized society. I wouldn’t make the judgements you did though many of those things are partially responsible.

@Johncdvorak I haven’t even seen the purple circle on the golden background. What does that symbolize?! 😳

@Johncdvorak that's a long winded way of saying nigger fag flag

@Johncdvorak if you think about it, the symbolism matches reality - first race and then the made up identities used as a wedge to take over the gay "community"

@Johncdvorak all you wanted to know. Intersex is the ring. This link is great. Scroll down to the heterosexual pride flag. Yes you to are part of the community

@Johncdvorak Before you know it, no one will even know what reality is... BONKERS!

@Johncdvorak When you described it I couldn't picture it. I reckon it's because I've never seen it. Thanks for the clarification, Mr D.

@Johncdvorak feel it is somehow missing the word “princess“.

@Johncdvorak This much re-branding is a bad sign for your business model.


If you want a good laugh, or a deep cry... Check out the story of another "New Flag" attempt. The language looks like futuristic English.

Go down the rabbit hole of the flag's creater for more entertainment: Pansexual, "gendervague," "BBipoc," vegan, etc...

@Johncdvorak so the PPRaIBNBLT Flag? Got it. Is it + for full mast and - for half?

Thanks so much for this recommendation. This is a truly superior rum. Rich, dark, deep molasses taste, dryness, its got it all, really love it thanks John.

@Johncdvorak I’m so glad I don’t have grandkids right now.

@Johncdvorak what’s the circle called? I still can’t figure it out

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