The temperature here in the Norcal heatwave is clocking in at a pleasant 96-degrees. This is combined with a 35-percent humidity which makes it pleasant.

@Johncdvorak 106 down here in Apple-land with 18% humidity.
It's a dry heat!

@wtdrisco @Johncdvorak Agreed, above 80 I stop getting sleep. Maybe it's because no a/c 🤔

You bay area people calling yourself Northern California has to stop!
You want heat? Come to the north valley.
104 currently.

@Murray_N @Johncdvorak
I understand that Sam Joachin means Asshole or Armpit in Californitard...

@Johncdvorak I remember walking from Menlo Park to Santa Clara along El Camino Real on hot days like that back in the late 90s and it was incredibly pleasant! I would stop in and get drinks along the way to make my long walks fun. NorCal has some of the best and mildest weather (even when it's really hot) that I've ever experienced anywhere in the country.

@Johncdvorak You guys are only 4 degrees hotter than northern Oregon!

That's almost the January average where I live here in Australia

@Johncdvorak we’ve had mid-90s paired with 70-90% humidity for about 2 months straight by me. Not pleasant at all

@Johncdvorak from a friend "Wow, California is having peak load of 50K+; here in Texas we peaked at 80K+ mw.

And they want to do away with fossil and nuclear and go to all electric vehicles?

I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: California Power Outage Maps, Update as Thousands Affected in Heat Wave" -

@Johncdvorak it’s 115-degrees here in Sacramento. Got to love the valley.

Sounds like the perfect weather. Florida is hot and humid as always. At least the sea level rise doesn't have the ocean lapping at my door !

@Johncdvorak were all gonna die. Beautiful 70 degrees here in Eureka. 😌

@Johncdvorak we need to kill the farting cows and the yaks. Global warming is going to kill us all

@Johncdvorak It's a perfect 70 degrees at midnight here in Upstate South Carolina.

@Johncdvorak As a person who lives in the northern valley where it's been 110 for a week and as a former resident of Oakland (and San Diego for that matter) I have to say: The Bay Area is NOT truly NorCal.

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