@Johncdvorak "You've Lived A Good Life." They will pay for us to attend or own "pre-funerals".

@neanderthalsnavel @Johncdvorak

$40B package -> "please kill yourself over 135m profit margin"
@jazzilla @Johncdvorak
>136.8 M
... that's it?

The editor is clearly not on board with the program, for highlighting this unimpressive number.

@Johncdvorak The Dem's scoffed at the notion previously...now the death cult celebrates it.

@Johncdvorak this is a good thing. we are saving too many people


Reminds me of Kurt Vonnegut's short story 2BR02B, where he created a sort of utopian/dystopian world aided by very strict population control.

Here's a Project Gutenberg copy for you and anyone else to check out if you're interested. Very quick read.



"Free" healthcare means someone else decides how much your life is worth.

@amerika @Johncdvorak There are situations in which this is warranted. What immediately comes to mind is dementia or other irreversible progressive brain disease.

@dew_the_dew @Johncdvorak

No doubt, but perhaps that is the wrong way to approach it.

The slippery slope is real. Today, it's for grandma with dementia, cancer, AIDS, and terminal hemorrhoids.

Tomorrow? You have clinical depression, break a leg, and then get a sniffle... and they snuff you.

@Johncdvorak It's already happened in Canada, a woman with medical issues couldn't afford to rent anywhere and was asking the government to assist her in finding affordable housing but since nothing came from them she was "medically euthanized".

@Bemf @Johncdvorak That makes me think of when the homeless shelters were closed during the lockdowns in Quebec and a homeless man froze to death in a porta-loo

@Johncdvorak "If we can save just ONE dollar, it can all be worth it."

Back when I was a kid, I was told college was a high school with cigarette machines. Not sure we're much better now.

@Johncdvorak only for us plebes though. The elites are already talking about what it will take for people to live to 200 and their getting off on the idea.

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