@Johncdvorak I'm imagining any one of those scenes in gangster films where there is a solemn moment of prayer in an empty church - then the doors burst open and drag queen liturgy hour begins. 🤡

@Johncdvorak Wasn't there a prophesy about how the Catholic Church would be invaded by evil from within its own ranks and it was this pope that was supposedly prophesied as the one under which it would fall? I seem to remember hearing that for at least a couple of decades. :/

any chance its desanctified and now used for public gatherings? they usually take the pulpit out though


It's clearly already desanctified, whether they realize it or not. This is clearly not a holy house of God.

Is that part of Adam's papal resignation theory?

@BaronessLoveandLight No. But... AHHA! I did find what I seem to remember hearing about... St. Malachy's The Prophesy of the popes.


@Johncdvorak the Los Angeles Times found that 28 percent of priests between the ages of 46 and 55 reported that they were gay. This statistic was higher than the percentages found in other age brackets and reflected the outflow of straight priests throughout the 1970s and ’80s.

The high number of gay priests also became evident in the 1980s, when the priesthood was hit hard by the AIDS crisis that was afflicting the gay community.


@Johncdvorak can't find the article now, but I read that during the 60's (maybe earlier) young gays were attracted to the catholic clergy and the seminaries were full of gay orgies.

Several of the pedophile cases that the church has had problems with stems from the fact that an estimated 60+% of catholic clergy are gay, either openly or closeted.

@Johncdvorak it's rather odd how, it would seem, the majority of catholic parishioners are devout while most of the ordained are gay and lean atheist.

@Johncdvorak sick. Guaranteed if that happened at my church my 92 year old father would get out of his wheel chair and have something to say.

@Nike @Johncdvorak Yeah I’m a former episcopalian. They larp as Catholics with the priest’s collar thing. They also bless transgender transitions and marry gays.

@Johncdvorak the Vatican didn’t support Africa during their Tetanus depop-operation & that’s (imo) officially when the Catholic Church turned from God
((It’s much earlier than that but for this timeline, that’s the flashpoint))

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