@Johncdvorak funny I just saw something about him on a YouTube series about mulit level marketing scams.


@Johncdvorak if the No Agenda Show is doing the right thing and diving into the pronoun/dysgenics for beta boys and girls

Juxtaposing this world of psychological hostage taking is just as worthy a cause

I for one would very much welcome the spotlight being shined upon such the utter sh*tshow that neglecting full orgastic potence has become in the now multiple generations of kid/ults who spend vast amounts of time killing virtual strangers on fortnite and call of duty warzone.

Thank you boss


That's some evil shit.

We kept our kids away from games that didn't have at least a little educationally redeeming value.

They are still mad (in their 30s) that they had to visit friends to play the popular games; they needed it for cultural context.

@Johncdvorak oooh it's "News Whore" Mandy Stadtmiller, ex-wife of comic Pat Dixon.

@Johncdvorak The best line from that article:
"This dude plays teenage boys like MKUltra played the Unabomber at Harvard."

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