This guys China analysis is loaded with unique perspective. Always worth a watch.

@Johncdvorak I've enjoyed watching laowhy86 for several years now!

@Dan_Ramos @Johncdvorak from my understanding he even has a Chinese wife and a kid in tow.

Glad they got out when they did, I remember watching some vids where he said at one point foreigners were not allowed to own motorcycles. Something he built a business out of.

@tenthman @Johncdvorak Yup... I remember watching the videos where he was documenting his escape from China through Hong Kong while the getting out was good.

@Johncdvorak I guess it's a buddy of his from south Africa I used to watch often. Good stuff.

@Johncdvorak it's amazing how there's always these kind of dudes out here to confirm our biases that "the CCP" is bad & evil & incompetent & totally worthy of hating & anybody who says different are just shills -- including old friends of theirs who were still living in China, like Matt here

I wonder where these guys come from?

@Johncdvorak Yeah, he was a White monkey for a while but he saw some crazy shit and rejected Chinese love.

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