That was great!

Now what we want is an analysis of US corporations that will go through tens of companies deep laundering money for China, then we want Palki Sharma to explain what they found so we can understand it.

@Johncdvorak She uses the word 'hinterland' at 5:15. I thought it was interesting. Hinterland was first used in 1890.

@Johncdvorak disturbing is right. That was a lot to unpack….thanks for sharing.

@Johncdvorak As I predicted, the world won't be conquered by commie China. They're too ugly and dirty, nobody likes them, not even real chinese. Lately not even mainland chinese!
Without the West pushing China on behalf of China, it is lost.
@mystik @Johncdvorak China commie r hedieous despicable shameless hypocritical

@Johncdvorak "accuse!" "accuse!" "accuse!"

Come back when they have 17 intelligence agencies backing up their "accusations" so I can have another laugh!

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