White privilege? This is a year old, but hilarious. Idiot Keystone Kops vs ATF.

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Ruff-tuff Fed screams "I have a medical condition! "I can't breathe!" My wife is pregnant!" What a pussy.

Local yokel cops cant find their own asses with both hands.

Why was anyone surprised by the clown show in Uvalde?


That's the mindset of them all.. "Do you know who I AM!?!!? I'm a FEDERAL AGENT!!!"


@Johncdvorak hadn’t seen it. LOL Good stuff! ATF was being a tough guy cock and then turned into a hysterical hyperventilating medical case , probably on purpose to make the cops look worse. looks like both sides escalated this beyond reason.

This video has been shared about twelve times here in the last two days. Keep up.

@Timboslice if you do not like my posts block me. I'm not here to do research on the posting history of videos.

@Johncdvorak " im hyperventilating" "i have a medical condition".

...then dont be an ATF agent.

@Johncdvorak Keystone cops these panicked Cops are a joke.
Avoid these clowns at all costs.

@Johncdvorak NOBODY came out the end of this looking good. Nobody.

@Johncdvorak I randomly came across this yesterday and then you posted it today. Simulation.

@Johncdvorak seemed like the right way to deal with an ATF agent that lacked a warrant. Call in the local police.

@Johncdvorak Not Keystone cops; ATF agent white privilege, refusing to get on ground, whining about his wife being pregnant, etc. The only take here is that of "fed privilege". Glad the local cops did EXACTLY what they did.

@OldITGuy the guy immediately identified himself as a federal agent, the screaming nutball cop should have demanded ID instead of getting the guy to drop to the ground. See how long it took to get the guy identified.

@Johncdvorak Clearly armed and belligerent. If he'd complied immediately there wouldn't have been the shitshow that the video shows. Feds are required to follow the rules, too.

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