@Johncdvorak She is saying that inflation is just in your imagination. She's on the short list for the Commerce Department.

@Johncdvorak It appears that Dogs are People too in this person with Multiple Personality disorder (Can we call it a disorder still?).
It seems their newly formed, darker "half," had gone into the inner fairy land and met with the demon and came out with a puppy. Now they'll be sociable with all the other personalities in their head.
Or is the dog a split personality of the split personality.
Either way, that's a future voter right there!

@Johncdvorak The person in the video has imaginary friends and takes it way too seriously. It's make-believe taken to such an extent that they get confused about what they made up. 🤷

@Johncdvorak mental illness masquerading a as “being special” or “neuro-divergent”

@Johncdvorak twitter.com/medcircle/status/1

This person is not sane. They need specialist care, maybe some drugs, I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, just a knight and minstrel. But in my day to day activities as a minstrel, I’ve come to know people like this, who are also creatives.

I’d say there is a high degree of narcissism and this personality split that maybe from some sort of childhood trauma, however I expect more childhood indulgence on behalf of the parent.

@ChrisWilson @Johncdvorak Nah, this person is "sane" but just needs to have the internet taken away.

Dumb ass kids hear this shit online and start pretending they have all this because dumbasses online told them about it. They then sit around and jerk each other off over it.

They make up new bullshit because that's how they get their turn being jerked off; the validation from the group makes them feel good.

Six months of being forced around real people would fix it. Less if they get bullied.

@Johncdvorak This is just someone who needs to take up writing instead of tiktoking.

Well sir @Johncdvorak
This/them/thar “person” is bat shit crazy and made to feel normal . In a world of dogs and demons . I’ll walk the dog tyfyc itm

@Johncdvorak These people are what I describe to my children as "Iguana on a the shoulder"

They walk into the coffee shop with an iguana on their shoulder. They act like it's just normal, they saunter around and kiss it and wait for someone to ask them about it - like "I am so interesting, look at me - I MUST be interesting, I have an iguana on my shoulder"

They have nothing else in their life. It's devoid, nothing to show for their pain and effort.

Just...the iguana.

@Johncdvorak I would say it's either someone who is suffering from some form of mental illness, or it's a troll account making fun of people with mental illness. Either is possible these days

I'm going to guess schizophrenia with multiple personality disorder.

@Johncdvorak My 5 year old son has an imaginary friend named Honto. He also has Wee-Wee, Sun Robot, and T-Rex. It’s perfectly normal for blossoming adults to act like dumb shit 5 year olds.

@Johncdvorak Our society has made it way too easy for people like this to not only exist but to thrive. No education, no job, no direction, no goal, no gender, no problem.

@Johncdvorak I think they’re mildly confused about the dog and what to do…. But only mildly.

@Johncdvorak this generation has had 72 vaccines when they were children and more as they got older plus a lifetime of prescription and over the counter drugs.

@Johncdvorak Seriously needs to dropped off into a real forest with no phone.
Bonus points add a film crew, forbid the crew from providing any help, I'm thinking viral which is what it wants anyway.

@Johncdvorak Supposed dissociative identity disorder meets live action role playing meets content creator. Perhaps because contemporary culture encourages sharing everything and modern Western culture has traditionally labeled people who hear voices in their head, talk to spirits, etc as mental disorders rather than having them move away from society to apprentice with the village shaman to integrate their multiple aspects and potentially learn to walk the edge between the worlds so that they can be a wounded healer if successful, healing themselves and others.
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