@Johncdvorak to make this more interesting you’d need an overlay of deaths from adults in the same age range during the same time (Covid related).


and Athletes are but just a extremely small fraction of the worlds population. Extrapolate this out against worldwide Jab's and we could be looking at Tens of Millions of deaths already??

Would be interesting to know how many people (athletes) went into this data

@Johncdvorak Graphs like this remind me of that joke about the economist at a cocktail party.
A friend at the party comes up to the economist and asks, “Hey, how’s your wife?”
The economist says, “Compared to what?”

@itshans @Johncdvorak

Hard to trust something like this because it’s probably beholden to the sources of data

Was anyone measuring athlete deaths before 2021?

If the answer is no, then even trying to measure the past numbers will yield a bias towards it happening more recently because when it happened before 2021, no one recorded it.

@itshans @Johncdvorak

This is the same problem as “shark attacks on the rise” — the eye of Sauron influences behavior and measurement when it is pointed to a particular thing.

@Cosmic @Johncdvorak Agreed. Zooming out a little meanwhile, this missing "compared to what" element has been the most flagrant omission in the last two years of reporting. It started with those a-holes at Johns Hopkins and M5M pumping "cases" and "deaths!!!" data at us without any comparable data to help us analyze, which was undoubtedly the point of the strategy. "Confuse them with a tsunami of detached facts..." I can imagine them saying at the conference room table, wringing their hands.

@Johncdvorak Great chart! I wonder what happened (or did not happen) in February, 2022?

@Johncdvorak look at this 3d cool chart of blue line and red line with a caption top and a website called "Real Science"
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