@Johncdvorak They probably had to stop writing "YOU sit" because he would keep misreading and shitting his pants.

@CreekHouse @Johncdvorak

I was referring more to the TAKE SEAT vs simply SIT verbiage, not the possessive portion.

@Dan_Ramos @Johncdvorak Read it too fast and missed it the first time. I gotcha.

@Johncdvorak someone forgot to add, “YOU won’t let anyone else see this card.”

@Johncdvorak Pathetic ... And you want me to believe that he was able to ride his bike, fell and got up ? Either fake bike ride video or fake card....

@kingbaal @Johncdvorak ByeDone has had not one but TWO aneurysm operations, this is where they've removed parts of his brain to cut out ballooning blood vessels getting ready to burst. Procedural memory is not stored necessarily in the same location as executive functions, so it's quite possible to lose the latter without losing the former depending upon where they cut. He does not have simple global Alzheimer's, he has two physical brain injuries from surgical procedures that were necessary to remove aneurysms else he would have stroked out and we'd all be dealing with a different Klaus Schwab implant.


I love how they have to spell out that he's to take HIS seat. This implies that he has taken someone else's seat. Obama's? Big Mike's? Killary's?

@Johncdvorak I've photographed college graduations for 30 years. This type of script is the norm. People need to be told where to walk, where to stand, and when to talk.

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