@Johncdvorak did you actually read it? It says full recovery after 3 months. Temporary reduced sperm count likely caused by immune response.

@agora_brewing @Johncdvorak they also said the mRNA stays in the injected muscle, it would not embed itself into our DNA, offers long-lasting protection and has no long-term side effects. So I'll take the 'temporary' caveat with a grain of salt. 🙃

@MrPierrey @Johncdvorak

"They"... Its a STUDY. Either the data says that or it doesn't. So unless you can give me a compelling reason why they're data collection or their math is wrong, you have nothing and youre just choosing to believe stuff you made up in your head.

I think they're trying to kill us too but this ain't it.

@agora_brewing @Johncdvorak I did not make it up in my head, I'm not hunting down all the studies for you at this time, but they've been published in several medical journals — mRNA does not stay in injection site (I believe it was the Japanese study that showed it goes to the liver, the gonads and the lungs). The latest studies out of Israel show negative efficacy weeks after boosters, and these types of studies keep piling up...

@MrPierrey @Johncdvorak

This also has nothing to do with my point. I never said anything about the mRNA staying at the injection site and I agree with you on that point.

@agora_brewing @Johncdvorak @MrPierrey and THEY spent an untold amount of money to cover up their trials and clinical testing data from the public. The same data that shows their products are very harmful but somehow they keep saying “safe and effective”

@Anthony @Johncdvorak @MrPierrey

I challenge you people on one point and all you have is conjecture. Ya know what I'm worried about? ESG and lockdowns literally killing people. Food shortages literally killing people. 50 years of being off the gold standard and funding continuous war and fake government nutrition to cover up the inflation from infinite spending. I am much less concerned about one shitty vaccine that I will never take anyways that was marketed in order to provide a bailout to big pharma. Its a fucking symptom and y'all won't get off it because injections are so much more scary than the slow burn of monetary destruction and its effects. And I'm the one getting called a boomer when I know y'all literally are boomers and fucking act like it all over this federation. You guys bring shitty Facebook level memes here and at this point I'd rather have the anime porn.

@agora_brewing @Anthony @Johncdvorak Calm down there dude, I agree with all your points. However, your initial post was about the sperm count issue being 'temporary' - and on that front, I don't think we can trust their data - which is why I listed all the other things they had said about the jab that ended up being untrue. No take a deep breath, boomer 😉

@agora_brewing @Johncdvorak That's how they get yam little by little.

Remember, it has never been about COVID19 itself but 'the next pandemic"


@one @Johncdvorak

Youre right. They are absolutely going to use this recent heat wave to do "climate lockdowns" and the precedent has already been set so this shit will be normal now. Idk what that has to do with the point I was making.

@agora_brewing @Johncdvorak

The way and path has been set.

On NA1461 during the Monkey Pox block, there was this dude gay dude concern that he did not know what to do since the gov, M5M, big tech were not pinging his phone letting him know what to do about Monkey Pox.

Like him, waiting for the gov and the rest to tell them what to do, there must be legions.

@one @Johncdvorak

Yeah I agree, I still don't know what this has to do with my original point

Oh I'm a boomer? Awesome! Maybe I can afford a house now!

@agora_brewing you sure post like one ... people with your IQ level usually struggle to buy houses.

@Johncdvorak you know, it's almost if the conspiracy theorists were onto something xD

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