Phoney Followers Dept. Checking my Twitter followers I found four new "babes" This one being the weirdest with the dumb mask and Klingon weapon.

@Johncdvorak you need to work on your cosplay characters, Sir.
That is Kitana from Mortal Kombat.
Regular ol' cheese cake doesn't work on these newer generations.
Virtual Reality will become Augmented Reality. Until then, we must deal with LARPing.

@Johncdvorak how about living in dimension B and thinking, "yeah, I am pretty awesome! There should be MORE hot babes following me!"

Maybe less critical thinking and self - delusional platitudes is the answer in today's effed up world?

@CorporateHamster @Johncdvorak

There should be hot babes following every swift thinking man, it is the natural order of things.

@CorporateHamster it would not end well. I will stay realistic about these girls.

@CorporateHamster @Johncdvorak
Maybe more critical thinking??
The "hot babe" is into mortal Kombat, an arcade game from the 80's? That's a 45 year old man that's 60lbs overweight posting from a basement somewhere.

These women are looking for simps. I have noticed when I post comments about crypto, anime, or games - I get similar such profiles liking my comments.

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