And people take this guy seriously?? WTF?

@Johncdvorak That's one of those greedy Sacksville Bagginses!

@Johncdvorak Fauci can do web meetings during the day, and IPA pub crawls with his bros at night.

@CarBlanez33 @Johncdvorak He doesn’t even have to crawl, that’s how short he is!

Thanks I’ll be here all week, tip your waiters!


They also took Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Omar, McConnell, etc. seriously, so... yes?

@Johncdvorak he's clearly a member of the Columbia Shitty Frame and Memorabolia Case Club...

@Johncdvorak Keebler elf, but the cookie is lockdowns and the chocolate is the vax.

Wow ya good point, I guess they never show the full outfit on TV, just top of suite is good enough, but in person, looks like this guy is from NASA or minus the first A? Also is he short or is the other person giant??? Thats super confusing hard to get a sense of scale, very odd picture, where did you find it?

@Johncdvorak wish he’d run toward the vanishing point and never come back

People in times of a fear have a great need to grovel like dogs

He's is an "Expert" and The Science™
How dare you question him?

@Johncdvorak Too many people in this nation with the "well, he's in that position so he must know what he's talking about" cowardice and lack in intellectual honestly to question "authority."

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