@Johncdvorak Cal Trans isn't far behind. Have you checked out the Newsom's CT director?

Here's the first slide of his 2020 Keynote.

Sure seems like they botched this last storm in the Sierras.

@Johncdvorak Ideologues with no common sense. That unvaccinated guy in the snowplow is gonna infect the public..

@Johncdvorak Meanwhile there are homeless camps full of certainly unvaxxed people right next to WSDOT's freeways. I'm so ready to leave this idiotic state.

@trevor @Johncdvorak I'm ready to kick Jay Inslee and Patty Murray out of it rather than leave it myself.

@nanook @Johncdvorak I wish I had that kind of optimism. The "vote blue no matter who" NPCs of King County are just too numerous. The fecklessness of the state GOP does no favors.

@trevor @Johncdvorak I'm ready to kick Jay Inslee and Patty Murray out of it rather than leave it myself.

Are you trying to tell me Jay Inslee is a moron maximus?


"Climate change gonna get ya!"
-Dr. Jay

@Johncdvorak This is the kind of motivation that normal people need to realize "hey, I can do a better job than that moron", and hopefully get some of them to run for office.

@Johncdvorak Implying the consequences are not the intended consequences

@Johncdvorak I have a friend who's dad used to drive a snowplow in Spokane (he was a farmer). She said that even when they are fully staffed, he was almost always called in on Thanksgiving and Christmas to do his civic duty.

I can only image the distain the drivers who didn't want to get vaxxed had for the state after all the years of sacrifice. I don't blame them for quitting, but seeing this article is just a perfect example of the clown world we are living in.

I knew Inslee when he was a state Representative in Washington, back then he wasn't a turd. I don't know what happened to him, I guess the offers were too lucrative.
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