@amerika @Johncdvorak

Only if people are aware and too many still get their media from legacy media, although that number is shrinking.

@MatthewDunaj @Johncdvorak

What “fully vaccinated“ was before the booster I imagine.

@Johncdvorak delete this anti science post. its also quite racist.

@Johncdvorak how does one calculate a p value for a line fit to data points? What hypothesis is that p value related to?

@AlabamaHokie @Johncdvorak

The hypothesis is that the shot doesn’t prevent illness, which was the claim they made. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. But you can’t have causation without a correlation. You need more ingredients but you must have at least that one.


A curve on the left side almost looks more appropriate. This is fascinating.

@Johncdvorak I wonder what the correlation is with population density, especially seeing where LA is.

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