ALL City Council meetings should have an open-mic morning.

@Johncdvorak Now I'm tempted to put up a permanent mic and record things on the town green. Put up a sign "redress grievances here"

@Johncdvorak "12 kids" gives it away, or I woulda left wondering if that coulda been a real person haha.

@Johncdvorak Do you want us to watch the entire video, or beginning at 251 seconds into the video (which is where your link sends us)?

Adam shared videos with the "start at" point in the middle of the video as well a day or two ago. I think YouTube is doing this automatically somehow if you didn't intend it.

@Johncdvorak The second guy (the "doctor") has a pretty bad show on YouTube called 'Conspiracy Castle'

@Johncdvorak This is obviously a vaccine injury. It’s very disturbing and should be reported to VARES.

@Johncdvorak looked up his IG.
The video he posted before this board meeting is also pretty funny (community police oversight board)

@Johncdvorak People like these are needed in society - they are the unpredictables, they can be the spark to the revolution...

@Johncdvorak The travesty & horror! Would have given me nightmares had I not watched directly following it. Betty White declaring "WIZARD OF ASS!" is absolutely *classic*! And you gotta love it when cast members are having so much fun that you can see them actively attempting to suppress laughter! 😄😃💯

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