Photoshop Dept. The problem with doing something like the attached photo is that it's obvious that this is NOT a young Michelle but an old Michelle shopped to look butch and mannish. But it is still an older Michelle.

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@Johncdvorak Who needs photshop when you can see her swinging dick in numerous videos?

@Johncdvorak I can't tell that it is an older version of Michelle. You have better eyes than I do.

@Johncdvorak Doesn't matter, they are in too deep in the "Michelle is a tranny" narrative to worry about things like evidence.

@shebang @Johncdvorak

No pregnancy photos and swinging dick videos. She also already looks butch. Another problem is Barack keeps calling her Micheal by accident on television.

@lizzymoda @shebang @Johncdvorak

Barack was also raised by a tranny nanny when he was young so it's really not that far fetched.

@furgar @lizzymoda @Johncdvorak I mean there isn't any adoption paper trail for those kids, and what's the source on the nanny?

So far all I've seen is a bunch of nonsense, we're pretty good at recognizing our own, you know.

@Johncdvorak I don't see where it matters much what she is, other than that it's a mythical part of the joke that is 'obama.'

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