Yikes Ronald McDonald House in BC kicking out the kids. No vax, no charity.

@Johncdvorak I'd leave Canada if I could convince the missus. Sadly, she's not a NA listener and it's taken me half year to convince her to sell our overvalued home in BC and move to Nova Scotia to start anew.

@GettingCooked BC is a version of California nowadays with more serious lockdowns.

@Johncdvorak That's why we're making like a baby and heading out.

@Johncdvorak But it's bad everywhere up here. We're simply heading east to take advantage of the markets. Looking to buy raw land and build a home from scratch. This will probably end in divorce or a murder/suicide.

@Sophistifunk We've agreed it'll come down to a coin flip. It's the democratic thing to do.

@Johncdvorak my sister stayed at an RMH in Tennessee about 12 years ago and the organization was wonderful to her and the family, sad to see it end up with this dictate. I understand it’s in Canada but still, it’s only a matter of time before it hits the states.

@EnjoyKane @Johncdvorak There are many evils over the past two years that will not be forgotten.

@Johncdvorak fckers! There is no short or long term data of vaccination in this group of possibly vulnerable children. There is data that shows the risk/ratio is not that good at best.

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