Here's another creepy online poster for Beto. Egads. Is he trying to hypnotize the child in advance of eating him whole?

Who greenlit this???
Makes him look absolutely demonic. Complete with the claw-like shadows on Beto's shirt.

@roundy Looks like a giant crows head on the right -- demonic

@Johncdvorak One child worth of adrenochrome allows him to ride his skateboard for one more year.

Is it just me or does he look like he could be related to Gary Busey in this poster?

And the "child" looks to be Mayor Lori Lightfoot!

@Johncdvorak Can we get a photoshop with a vampire cape on Beto and lengthen/sharpen his canine teeth a little? Maybe the text at the top could say "Beto is Beast"?

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