What's with the lefties never-ending promotion of Stacy Abrams and Beto O'Rourke (he's baaaack)? Look at this actual (not my photoshop) poster of Beto floating around Twitter. It's creepy and reptilian.

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@Johncdvorak Looks like an emaciated Greg Abbott in that photo. Abbott needs food! Send some now.

@melodiousowls they're probably trying to portray an older, more mature Beto. "Look at our seasoned candidate. See the lines in his face??" 😂😂

@Taylord @melodiousowls

Know who also has faial lines.?Crack whores. Actually, I'd be more likely to vote for a crack whore.


This guy reminds me of John "Watermelon Head" Kerry, but unable to eat.


Because they don’t have anyone else. They are stuck trying to cater to commies, trannies, colored people (or passive form people of color; whatever floats your boat I find both deeply offensive as an othering device) and muslims. And they all hate each other. You have to find the slimiest with the least backbone to be able to get anything coalitioned. There aren’t that many people like that AND retarded AND arrogant enough to try. Plus they have commie cred.

@Johncdvorak they have a hard on to slip him in somewhere. He'll be around for a long time .Great for NA terrible for rationalists and our country

@Johncdvorak If you look closely, you can see the mouse he just swallowed struggling in his throat.

@Johncdvorak Maybe they figure with enough exposure just enough people will say "screw it, give 'em a go." Or maybe it's self-sabotage. Could the Dems do a worse job at running an admin and derailing their messaging?

@Johncdvorak Beholden to the power brokers? I see a 21st century Tammany Hall behind the astroturf support for these two.

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