@Johncdvorak dont' worry, if this treatment gains traction, the drugs will be outlawed by the FDA & CDC also. worked once already, why not again?

@greyknight33 @Johncdvorak no wonder … I heard John Abramson on episode 1756 on the Joe Rogan podcast share the fact that the FDA is funded for 60% by the pharmaceutical companies?? That would make FDA decision making easier to make things easier for money making by labeling these cheap medicines unsafe. Perfect 😞😟

@Johncdvorak There is also a Pepcid callout in the RFK Jr. book.

@Johncdvorak I take zyrtec (cetrizine) for allergies.
I also take methotrexate.
And I never got covid 😀

The plural of anecdote is data.


@Tante_Neel @Johncdvorak
I used to take MTX but still take HCQ . Funny all these immunosuppressants are so effective against the coof. The upside of RA if there was any I guess. Haven’t been sick with anything since I began using in 2016. ITM!!

@brettiquette ITM! I have been on HCQ but was taken of because of side effects and allergic reaction.
I'm off of MTX next month because it looks like I have developed resistance (is that the word?) against it. I have serious flare ups again. Doctor wants me to switch to Tofacitinib.
Looked that up ofcourse. And I will be protected against respiratory failure.
I still wonder why they push the vax on RA patients. We are (when medically treated) loaded with suppressants. 😁


@Johncdvorak I never thought I would be glad to be so allergy to so many things

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