These are three tweets in a row over three days. What is wrong with this guy??

@Johncdvorak Seems to be he's desperately praying for a scapegoat to compensate for an insecurity about the legitimacy of his opinions.

@Johncdvorak always remember that cory feldman says the biggest problem in hollywood is pedophilia, and it will all start to make sense.

@Johncdvorak Trump is still living rent free in their heads.

@Johncdvorak -- At this point, chalk it up to mental illness.

@Johncdvorak Is Rob Reiner January 6th? He hasn't made a movie in a while maybe he got stuck somewhere as a date.

@Johncdvorak he’s never got throat punched. And it shows. Freedom of speech does have consequences.

I guess Norman Lear and his father really messed up his mind at a young age.
Not much difference in the way he tweets and the way he spoke when he was acting.

@Johncdvorak Remember, Trump was still president on Jan 6th. How does Trump overthrow a government he is already the head of?

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