@Johncdvorak I remember Alton Brown addressing this on Good Eats. It turns out, it's real easy to execute a lobster by decapitation before boiling. Also, lobsters are just bugs of the sea. Ask PETA.

@pdk @Johncdvorak meanwhile, human fetuses are ripped out of uterus’s everyday and people don’t blink an eye.

@Johncdvorak there is a quick easy way to killed a lobster. The problem is, even that method (and the chef) were canceled on the YouTube's.

Cognitive dissidence for bug eaters...?

@WandringKnight @Johncdvorak Yes, I believe you’re supposed to jam a chef’s knife in their back right behind their head. Kills them quickly and humanely.

@Johncdvorak new Zealand outlawed it in 1999
Switzerland in 2018

Protect the lobsters. Sounds like the pro-life movement needs to adopt lobsters as their mascot. They might find more success. After all it's best to follow the science in matters like life.

Thank you for your courage.

Next the death penalty will be illegal because the prisoner might feel discomfort

Read of this this morning...another knife in the back to the fisher folk.

@Johncdvorak Stop being such a speciesist vertebrate supremacist.


@Johncdvorak what's next? Killing live lobsters will become illegal too?!?

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