WOKE wine writing. Something is wrong when an article like this gets written and is taken seriously.

@Johncdvorak Jesus Fried Chicken, what is wrong with these people?

@Johncdvorak time to strike while the iron is hot start marketing your own line of “dumb slut” wines.


Only these bombastic, out of touch wine experts in the article are taking themselves seriously. 😆

Re: calling it “slutty,” “mom wine,” etc, do these pompous poofs realize that’s called being relatable to your audience?

@Johncdvorak now i want vulgar wine tastings "this wine has a scent of fresh vagoo and the warmth of the tip of a cock!"

@NICKtheRAT @Johncdvorak gotta class it up Nick. “The flavor spreads across the palette like a Venetian courtesan after a spring masquerade ball”

@Johncdvorak I’m sorry I read this, minutes of my life I won’t get back.

@Johncdvorak white wines are banned and red wines are now indigenous wines

@Johncdvorak this article is ridiculous. I guess if all they have is a hammer, everything will look like a nail.
Placing importance on the story behind the wine over flavor is bullshit, a byproduct of the ‘My grandma always made peach jam’ type stories found on the back of ‘small batch’ grocery products. Eventually, not liking a certain wine will be racist or transphobic because you deny the experience of the person who made it.
How long until ‘stone fruit’ is a gendered, offensive descriptor?

@Johncdvorak haha. What next ? - “This wine has notes of green-haired pregnant man”


I cancelled my subscription after I received their email newsletter with this crap article.

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