@SirSpencer @Johncdvorak So very many people feel in their hearts that the jab is working.

@aztekm30 @Johncdvorak @shill @SirSpencer


More appropriate, and might make a good t-shirt.

@Johncdvorak I'll consider this a response to my question a week or so back. Thank you.

@Johncdvorak A family member took second dose of Pfizer and within 24 hours was in the hospital with chest pains and high fever. Pulmonary Embolism.

The doctors are apparently convinced it's a vaccine reaction.

This happened Saturday morning.

@Johncdvorak He's still in the hospital. I will make sure he tells them know to do so. (he's in his early 50s, not obese, rather healthy.)

Interesting note, he couldn't get a bed in Phoenix because "all beds were filled". After many hours (sitting upright in pain) they moved him to another hospital. He's now on morphine and expected to be there for at least 5 days.

@Johncdvorak he’s back home. Now the doctors have backed off the vaccination injury diagnosis. They say they’ll need to run more tests to make that assessment- but only if he wants them to.

No VAERS entry, of course.

@Johncdvorak is their mobile site messed up, or is there really nothing other than a typo riddled abstract and basically useless footnotes?

@Johncdvorak good one. Ty, in talking to my cousin he still will not accept that there is something wrong with the vaccine and giving it to babies. Sad

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