@Johncdvorak someone in the comments points out an issue with this, as the cohort starts at such a low age 10+ who arent vaccinated yet, and are less likely to die against older who are more likely to die from other causes than vacc, so may skew the data somewhat.

@philcolbourn @ManInAbox @Johncdvorak
Maybe, maybe not.

It could be a self selection class of problem. There can be other factors like comorbidities where people who got the vaccine had higher risk due to other factors like obesity, diabetes, respiratory problems, and so on. I will guess the data does not have all that detail.

@mhjohnson @ManInAbox @Johncdvorak and there will be people who can't be vaccinated for medical or health reasons.

risks would need to be adjusted for all these 'variables' to enable groups to be compared.

it will be interesting to look at this data.

@Humpleupagus @Johncdvorak @ManInAbox It goes up to 80+ which which I would argue why even bother with the jabs and just live out your life?

@metalglasses @Humpleupagus @ManInAbox total agree. Death comes at anytime. It seems to me at that age you should cherish the days and not fear the end.

@Humpleupagus @Johncdvorak @ManInAbox You'll see why it's like that if you look at what we've got to work with..

The OHS dataset has numbers by injected/still human by the age groups 10-59, 60-69, 70-79 and 80+

if they had more separation like 10-19, 20-29, etc then that'd be great but they don't.

@ManInAbox @Johncdvorak I’d be curious to see what the data looks like further back. Is the lower rate at the beginning of the chart what we should expect historically? If so, it’s concerning. But if there’s quite a bit more fluctuation than that, it could just be part of the natural ebb and flow.

@mike @Johncdvorak yes it would be much more accurate with same datasets for each year plotted on there

@ManInAbox @Johncdvorak eliminating the 60+ should solve most the issue. But you are right that to 10-16 are large portion are going to be in the unvaccinated group and that will skew the data. The way to eliminate this issue would be to look at it per age bracket.

@Johncdvorak meaningless unless contrasted with vaccinated in more discrete age groups, which may be trending up, down, or flat. 10-59 is a wide bias. the vast majority of vaxxed are toward the higher end of the age range, and obviously die at higher rates than the largely unvaxxed lower age groups

@thisisthebreath @Johncdvorak dude, there's probably a reason the OHS didn't bother providing more separation in that bracket, not that I know what's inside it

if you look at 60-69, 70-79 and 80+ then the mortality isn't all that at 60-69, but it rises sharply when you go to 70-79.

there's probably not that big of a difference between say 20-29 and 30-39. still, it would be nice to have the data. and I'd also like data with genders. But that's just not what we have to work with.

@Johncdvorak What is it with the slumping of multiple age groups, why can't they just keep it simple like 20's 30's etc?

@metalglasses @Johncdvorak I guess you'll have to use the Contact US field on the OHS website


it's their data, what's in it and how it's divided is not up to anyone of us who made charts using said data.

@Johncdvorak this is what we expected to see and proves how effective the vaccine is.

@Humpleupagus @Johncdvorak @Sideways no, the vaccines are not highly effective .. at murder.

The morality difference between injected/healthy people in the 10-59 age group is just one point something. Now, this does show that the injected are, in fact, dying at a higher rate (in this age group, it's different in the 60+ age groups). That shows you shouldn't take the toxic injection. But the numbers are not alarming, it's just 1-ish per 100k. It's not half of those who take it or a third

@katie @Johncdvorak @Sideways We're only 6 months in for most people. I'm going to suspend my judgment, especially since there's research suggesting that the spikes from the vaccine may stay in the body for up to a year and a half, but the immunity only lasts 6 to 8 months. Thus, as the body stops isolating and removing the spikes via immune response, I'd expect and uptick in deaths, both from the vaccine (death caused by the the spikes) and from covid, since the body isn't responding to it. Wait for it.

@Humpleupagus @Johncdvorak @Sideways oh I'm waiting for it, and that's not just because of the points you raise

like, what do we know about the cumulative effects of taking a third booster shot and then three more booster shots that are, for some reason, on German forms already

I'm very curious and excited to see how this grand experiment with the DNA makeup (remember, it's in reality a gene therapy) turns out over the coming year.

I've been saying that for a few months. I'm not sure if I read it or noticed a lot of death and injuries picking up the longer it has been. We are just now hitting the 6 month mark. I figure they are already manipulating the death stats to show a lot of natural causes and as we have seen, to explain it with everything from marijuana to climate change.
@katie @Johncdvorak @Sideways

@Alvin @Humpleupagus @Johncdvorak @Sideways My impression and guess is that the numbers from the OHS available at
are thus far accurate. I say this because
a) they don't have muh look over there cases for deaths, just neat tables all death separated by vaccination status (and age groups in a separate sheet)
b) the data shows that the injected are dying at a higher rate, which is something they'd probably want to hide if they were manipulating it

I'm hopeful for updates

My bad. I was thinking of the USA. So much of our data is manipulated that it can't be trusted until it's been verified from the source.
@Humpleupagus @Johncdvorak @Sideways

@katie @Humpleupagus @Johncdvorak forgive me it was meant to be facetious. I thought most N/A listeners would be in on the joke.

Under 60 is the low risk group compared to over 60. 10 to 18 is virtually zero so why is it even included? Ppl over 60 have the highest mortality over all. My guess is most of them are Vaccinated.

The only real conclusion is; If the vaccine is so great why is anyone dying?

@Sideways @Johncdvorak

I don't know you well enough to know whether this is satire. I hope so.

@Johncdvorak facts smacts. "You can use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true" .
.........Homer Simpson

@Johncdvorak to further prove my point fuck chuck todd just used numbers of avg miles traveled by state and percentage of truck sales by state to "prove" the rising gas prices are the problem of ....wait for it...... all states that voted for orange man bad

@Johncdvorak It may actually not be as bad as it seems. IF it is the case that generally younger & healthier people are avoiding the vaccine, while generally older & infirm people are taking it, then the vaccine may just be correlation implying causation. We would expect more deaths in the latter group and fewer in the former regardless of vaccination status.

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