From today's Daily Beast they turned up a horrendous scandal about Rittenhjouse. OMG!! How could such an ogre be found not guilty.

@Johncdvorak Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! What's worse than a Nazi? Must have word NOW.

@Johncdvorak The boy who wanted to be a cop had pro-police things on his..........right KKKOPs.


So the liberals want us to learn that if you are a flawed person you surely must be guilty of whatever crime you have been charged. Hmm, do they not see how we can flip that standard around and use it on them.

You better be careful what you preach. It may turn around and bite you. That applies no matter where you fall on the political spectrum. BS is BS.


Kyle's affinity for guns saved his life. Sometimes I think we have an affinity for things that will somehow serve us in ways we couldn't dream of when the interest takes root.

@Johncdvorak Reminds me that the Pulse Nightclub shooter's dad was at a Hillary Clinton event

The M5M used to cover the Trump Rallies when he was a clown candidate running against the apparent coronation of Queen Hillary. Black spokesholes used to be proud to be with Trump. Suddenly, he won POTUS and everyone turned against him. But he was a liberal just like them!

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