It seems that while Hollywood likes Harry Potter, they do not like the creator behind the whole thing and now actively snub her.

too funny

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Well, she's obviously a "classical liberal" not a progressive, so of course that's a problem.


From what I’ve personally observed, Harry Potter is something my fellow millennials still don’t want to cancel, even if Rowling has been deemed a big transphobic meanie.

I’m also observing a trend where original creators are being distanced from their works (whether by choice or social pressure), presumably so that companies can just do whatever they want with them. A couple of examples that come to mind beyond HP are Star Wars and Cowboy Bebop.

@LadyButters Cowboy Bebop? I haven’t heard that name in years. What are they trying to do with that?


Netflix did a live action adaptation. If I remember correctly, the creator wanted nothing to do with it, and so far the audience does not seem pleased (I know my husband isn’t!)

@LadyButters I wouldn’t be either. But I don’t have Netflix so I don’t have to endure that

@LadyButters @Johncdvorak Let's wait for Asian, black and Maori hobbits in the next Lord of the Ring TV series. And somehow C.S. Lewis' Narnia is the epitome of racism, too.

@JimmyWalnuts yes, good point never considered -- different sorts of woke based on Chronology

Arrogant jerks, if thee was no JK Rowling, they wouldn't have made mega bucks on Harry Potter. Keep biting the hand that feeds you.

@Johncdvorak I guess you can separate the artist from the work if it’s profitable enough.

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