@Johncdvorak at this point I believe they are blatantly messing with us.

@thesilentvortex @Johncdvorak yes, and as a bonus, screw Merck out of the Covid pill business.

@Johncdvorak Time to test out that new mRNA smallpox vaccine on the general population!

@Johncdvorak The next plandemic. Only ppl over reproduction age will survive.


COVID didn't kill off enough people I suppose.

Smallpax kills 1 in 5 I believe...but that is according to a documentary I saw on it recently about an outbreak in Canada in 1985. It's pretty crazy because what they did there was awfully similar to today.

"Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague"

I saw it on TUBI (free tv/movie streaming)

Someone relabeled old vials of insulin as a prank.

@Johncdvorak Seems like budget planning time of year. Gotta remind everyone how critical the FBI and CDC are.

@Johncdvorak If Batman were based in reality, the Joker would live rent-free in Bruce Wayne’s guest chalet.

> ... the unclassified "For Official Use Only" alert...

Call me old fashioned but "For Official Use Only" sounds like a classification.

@Johncdvorak Nothing here is different than the vials of weaponized anthrax that were scattered around the nation at a variety of government controlled labs sometime before my time in a micro biology lab in 1992.

I am certain that college students after 9-11 have not been given the opportunity to compare and contrast the differences of the cell membrane of natural anthrax (bumpy and hairy) and genetically modified anthrax (smooth).

@BlkDudeNamedAbdul @Johncdvorak I think it will be blamed on the Taliban and then we will be all the way back to 2012

@Johncdvorak whoops, I have just posted this story from the UK, thought it related to the find covered on the show 2 weeks ago…..is this a new one?

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