Stolen valor anyone? Talk about an operation that is incredibly full of itself. WOW. Real patriots.

@Johncdvorak *I* think we should thank the mom's on Veterans Day. Because mom's jobs have never been harder.

Oh. I guess that's me? Well then. I'm a hero.


@Johncdvorak Thank the media for getting the people behind the wars so we could have so many veterans to call heroes!

@Johncdvorak hold the phone. As usual you've buried the lede if that's an opinion from CNN thanking itself on its own website.

@Johncdvorak thank the media? For basically fighting AGAINST the freedoms soldiers fought to protect? In spanish we call that “cara de palo” (wooden face, no blood in their faces, out right shameless)

@Johncdvorak the danger is real! We’re going to shave those heads and March them down the streets!


Journalists can't stop themselves from being despicable

@Johncdvorak hey now! This guy fought for you every day! Just look at him fighting for that microphone! That is a true hero.😂

@Johncdvorak The stakes have never been higher. Too bad we don't have an honest, independent media who believes in service to truth and the public good.

@Johncdvorak the arrogance of these douchebags is beyond belief.

@Johncdvorak I'll take "Things that didn't age well" for $800, Trebek.

@Johncdvorak There's a special kind of nausea when you read something like this and you're waiting for the punchline, but it never comes. I feel like I've been teabagged by CNN. I need to take a shower now.

Thank you @Johncdvorak and @adam for your service in the media. The stakes and steak prices have never been higher.

@Johncdvorak if we keep repeating this, it might have more impact against CNN than the "mostly peaceful protests" image debacle.

@Johncdvorak thank God the only people who watch CNN or read their articles do so through a memetic lens


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