Gates writes about COP26 with this opening remark. "Last week I spent three fantastic days at the global climate summit (known as COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. My main impression is how much things have changed since the last summit, back in 2015—and I don’t mean because of COVID. The climate conversation has shifted dramatically, and for the better. "

WTF is he talking about? There has been a COP25, COP24, COP23, etc. in-between now and 2015.

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@Johncdvorak Bill Gates is speaking the jargon of the milieu here...

"COP26 is considered significant as it will be the first COP to take place after the landmark Paris Agreement’s measures take effect and the first opportunity since then for nations to come together to review commitments and strengthen ambition; these measures were approved at COP21 in Paris in 2015 and are due to be implemented during the year of 2020."


Smoking something that put his mind on vacation.

And the Rockefellers are laughing all the way to their global federal reserve banks.
@Johncdvorak And here's what Bill was saying about fossil fuels 2 years ago.
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