@Johncdvorak Stylish, maybe, but I will never get a smart watch again. It makes me feel far too connected. There is no escape from constant notifications. Very nice for checking phone at work or in class though.

@Burnt @Johncdvorak how are you a tech guy that hates tech? Anyway, can't go wrong with a watch you can beat up.

@vixn @Burnt @Johncdvorak

Are you new to John? That’s pretty much his entire schtick outside of NA. (Let’s be honest, he didn’t get Buzzkill moniker by not doing it.- I’m not buying it!)

Love you John, breaking through the cult hype is one reason I love listening to you. And the only reason I could watch TWIT. But it is kinda your thing.

@average_random_joe @Burnt @Johncdvorak oh I know he is anti tech, but still, an anti-tech tech guy is kind of funny.

@Johncdvorak @vixn @Burnt

Anti tech insiders/industry may be a better way the phrase it on my part. Or the anti-fan boy which those fan boys are often loving something regardless of how bad it is.

Like that watch. It is almost to the point of the original iPhone being strapped to a persons arm.

@sircodesalot @Burnt @Johncdvorak mechanical keyboards com I think, I have one too, except it looks incredibly effeminate. I'm sure my wife loves it

@sircodesalot @Johncdvorak @vixn
Thanks man, I bought it mostly based on looks. I was worried since the brand name is Royal Kludge but it's been mostly great. The keyboard I use at work is this keychron (brown switches... And the former keyboard is blue switches if you're interested in that)

@vixn @Johncdvorak [email protected]

I love my Seiko Kinetic Titanium. It has an old-fashioned self-winding mechanism, powered by movement, which charges the capacitor that runs its electronic movement. It runs forever, if you just wear it. No daily, or weekly, or yearly charging. No battery replacement, ever. It will probably be the last watch I ever get. It cost me about $150, five years ago. Unfortunately, I no longer see it on Amazon.

@RRFK @billstclair @Johncdvorak that's slick, unfortunately I'm an electrician so.. that's zappy zappy

@vixn @Johncdvorak I agree with you on that one, I mainly use Series 4 for tracking workouts, when I’m at work and to conveniently unlock my MacBook Pro.

@Johncdvorak When can I just replace my hand with an Apple prosthetic Cyber Hand with Realistic Silicone CyberFlesh and Karate Chop action?

@Johncdvorak your arm looks fantastic for your age, John! how do you do it?

@Johncdvorak If you were a bigger celeb, you’d get to beta test the Series 8!

@Johncdvorak over/under on how long until they come with electrodes to measure your vital signs?

@Johncdvorak stylish as in stupid. If you have to charge your watch, what are you doing with your life?

@Johncdvorak I have a Series 10, basically the iPhone 4 with a wrist band. at least they upgraded the CPU. 😂

@Johncdvorak When I see one an image come to mind, people constantly tapping their wrist to react to it 🤦🏼‍♂️

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