-This post may be misinformation. Thank you for your time slave.

@CliffordTheBigRedDog @Johncdvorak I consider EVERYTHING on the web to be misinformation, unless I have personally verified it, or it has been verified by someone I trust. I trust very few.

@Johncdvorak click here to learn more about how dying from the vaccine is preferable to being an alt-right science denier.

@Johncdvorak that's what happens when your data isn't affected by the cobra effect.

@Johncdvorak it appears not even the internet archives are immune from censorship.

This link that connected Mark Palmer to the board of NTDTV seems to be scrubbed from the archives


Seems odd that they would want to hide this one connection when his involvement with Falun Gong is already well established through the Friends of Falun Gong, Freedom House, and the National Endowment for Democracy.

@Johncdvorak haha, let's see: twitter.com/risemelbourne/stat .

It does look like Twitter policies differ from FB or LinkedIn. FB or LI this would have lasted minutes, maybe hours....

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