I knew Rotten tomatoes was falling down on the job but this made me realize it's the media (as usual) who are just dishonest.

@Johncdvorak what’s it about? How he doesn’t know anything about anything?

@Johncdvorak Is it PG-13 because Fauci takes off all three of his masks?

@Johncdvorak I'm surprised they let the audience score get so low. Usually they "update the algorithms" to prevent that.

@adam please observe @Johncdvorak demonstrating the screenshot post. John makes his joke and avoids sending effortless traffic to a garbage site by sharing a screenshot rather than a hyperlink.

@Johncdvorak Adding to the controversy, Rotten Tomatoes didn't allow audience ratings until a month after the movie was in theaters, and a week after the movie streamed on Disney+, after users complained.

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