I keep hearing the argument "You get the government you deserve", but I'm not buying it.

That argument commits the exact same fallacy of stereotyping that racists and socialists have always used to disregard the individual and treat humans as homogenous demographic blocs. The constant dehumanizing stereotyping coming from both sides is sickening. My skin color does not make me racist, and my geographic location does not make me deserve tyranny simply because I'm surrounded by morons.

@SirBemrose People love to make excuses for losing control over their representative government, having squandered their gift

@lavish Perhaps the representative government is to blame. Maybe it was once true that a single person could somehow accurately represent the position of all of their individual constituents, but it certainly isn't in the modern internet age, and certainly not when one person is respnsible for the political well-being of hundreds of thousands.

(If it was ever possible, the number of constituents would have to be below Dunbar's Number)

@SirBemrose This is true, consolidation of power at the state and federal level is never a good thing for the general public. Politics has changed somewhat in the last 50 years or so. There used to be far more representation of a working class prior to WWII, with most many major federal positions occupied by accomplished men of industry or labor, such as Henry Wallace 33rd Vice President under FDR. You didn't need to be a Rhodes Scholar from Harvard with ties to old oil families

@SirBemrose Or, you know, someone who's never run a business or worked an actual job for any significant amount of time in their life

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