The first thing I thought was "Arresting and locking her up?"

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@Johncdvorak how is she relevant? A failed candidate from two election cycles past with a dissolved corrupt foundation and a rapist husband. She holds no titles or positions of influence. No one likes her. She is old and unhealthy. And she ugly too. GOP is trying to figure out how to steal as much stimulus spending money as possible. That's about the extent of their master schemes.

@PhillyV @Johncdvorak Anyone that can silence their critics is still relevant.

@Johncdvorak conspiracies of the 90's
.. what, ozone and OJ Simpson ? She did those too ? Jeepers

@TrueNorth77 @Johncdvorak Those orange jumpsuits are pretty roomie... Not sure what she's worried about.


Libya was the 2010's. Feel free to punish her for murdering civilians.

@Johncdvorak If people who get near you disproportionately commit might be the virus.

"Come on man!". 3/4 this of the GOP can rot in prison next cell over to her!

Maybe we can also lock up the serial killer Dr. Mengele Faucci and he can be her personal physician

Adlai Stevenson fears he will not have another opportunity to run for president..
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