@Johncdvorak looking forward to your analysis on Sundays show.

Odd. The letter to the AG doesn't seem to emphasize the same things


To emphasize...
"The auditor’s final hand count—which quadruple-checked every single one of the 2.1 million ballots—matches Maricopa County’s official machine count"
"there is no reliable evidence that they were altered to any material degree." [the ballots]

No wonder we get such differing stories from both sides.

@Johncdvorak Were the approx 17,000 votes out of the approx 2,000,000 enough to sway outcome? TLDR

@Johncdvorak my pre-loaded response to people who are brand loyalists to their side:
“we have the technological ability to guarantee the validity of every single vote. who is opposed to using that?” followed by some sort of remark about how smart “they” think they are.

@Johncdvorak I got the scoop on whats going to happen next... Wait for it... NOTHING

@Johncdvorak That exec summary is damning. Way to undermine trust in the process guyzz

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