@Johncdvorak the fact that currently federal agents are immune from prosecution gives an interesting spin to why the govt is federalizing law enforcement - capital police opening regional offices and VIPR teams as great examples

@Johncdvorak when you look up the chain of command of these federal officers and you see the lies and corruption that the top leaders and their political appointee leadership, you can understand why a federal officer would think he could potentially get away with...who knows...murder even? That's why corruption at the top matters. Once the top levels get away with it, it flows down the chain of command until we are a banana republic (we already are, actually).

The Courts have defended police for a long time. They claim an Officer cannot know they are doing wrong if there hasn't been court precedent.
I think Justice Thomas is pushing the Court to consider accountability for Officers. What is exceptional about this case is the officer involved was a Federal Agent and therefore the US Constitution applies.

@Johncdvorak I used to think that there were some good cops out there, but the bad ones get the media attention. Due to the tyranny this pandemic has created, I've come to the conclusion that any good cops have been fired or have quit. If they were still on the force, they should have pushed back against the tyranny. I can only conclude that anybody still wearing the badge is a bad cop.

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