@useless_idiot @Johncdvorak the fashion world is mostly made up of young model abuse rings

@Johncdvorak there were one or two I thought were pretty in the first group shot until I scrolled down and looked at the other pictures. Oh my!


Appreciate the warning. Liked your post for the description but I'm not gonna click the link! 😅

@Johncdvorak just a bunch of hypocrisy. They love a baby bump?? We are ackowledging it as a child now and not a fetus? They are so inconsistent.

@TheCM @Johncdvorak They are very consistent with their agenda, which is to be different from the populace and imply superiority. That is why high fashion always tries so hard to be weird, to erect a psychological wall between the elite them and the peasantry us. Like the royalty that they are, they get to decide when a child is a fetus or not. You? You shut up, slaaaave!

@lccmv @Johncdvorak Interesting perspective. Bunch of prideful little boogers!

@Johncdvorak I might be outnumbered but the women of the 40’s, and 50’s were the most beautiful, with the 80’s also being up there.

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