want to see something funny, look at these search results...geez, do you think this was coordinated?

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@Johncdvorak The more disgusting part, is they don't even feel the need to hide it.😞

@Johncdvorak You should look into Searx, you can choose your search engines you want to use or use them all. I've got a private Searx instance on my server. There's even a Docker Container for it. It reminds me of Dogpile search. It gives me better results by not depending on a single search provider.

@Johncdvorak Sometimes it can be finicky. I usually have good results with it, it's not super polished, so video search is kind of hit and miss. But just looking for web pages and documentation, it's really good. That might be why. 🤔

@Johncdvorak it’s like all the local stations reading the same statement 🙄

@PhoneBoy @Johncdvorak

Are you all new to the internet?
This is what you do when you have a website, you take content from other people, and copy paste.
@PhoneBoy @Johncdvorak You can do the same with alternative media articles. In fact that's what I always do to find the original source.

Shady AF behavior is still shady AF regardless of who does it. Typical SEO nonsense. Nothing new.

@mystik @Johncdvorak

@Johncdvorak “it’s anti-Trump so it’s ok”
To which I say: “ until it comes for you”
This zero-sum thought rot knows no end.
Preaching to choir again, I know.

Ya think, all mainstream broadcast media is owned by just six corporations and all six of those by a handful of Jewish billionaires.
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