@Johncdvorak The photo really captures the cockiness of Trudeau

From the starship Du Canada
That’s why I don’t vote . Sadly . No one to even waste my vote on worthy . At least Chrétien provided some value . Face plant Jean luc

@Johncdvorak you’re not foolin’ anyone dvorack?!😂🤣

here’s the REAL DEAL!!

@Johncdvorak *objects in image are smaller than they appear

@Johncdvorak all the world's a stage. wish the millennials I would tell that to years ago would get it. one did. he switched from being an accountant to a dude named ben.

@Johncdvorak Surely nobody believes that, he is a little prick fer sure

@Johncdvorak ....Like the good of the guy's policies..this is exaggerated by orders of magnitude.🤔

@Johncdvorak look like they are about to drop a really disappointing album…

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