Best thread of sickos and a-holes you'll find for a while. Cheering the rude refusal of services. Not unlike the creeps who cheer those who died of Covid.

@thedude33 @Johncdvorak You can probably go ahead and add Reddit and Facebook thread too.

@Johncdvorak Tried reading through those comments and had to stop. It truly is sick, sad and scary.

@CynicalFucker @Johncdvorak What twatters put on Twitter today will make our jobs easier in the future, dont worry.

Better Yet, these are the same people who insist that "Healthcare Is a RIGHT..."

Sure, until some Progressive Dipshit Arbitrarily Denies Healthcare Services.

@Johncdvorak If the guy who refused to bake the gay wedding cake lost I can't see how this lab will get out of it.

@Johncdvorak I can only hate read comments for so long, but it is always a great reminder as to why I am so contrarian. It preserves my sanity to let them discover for themselves how nuts/un-human they are. I hope people stop...but I also sort of hope one of these people crosses the line on accident.

It will come for them, when the people they admire pushing this agenda piss all over there still warm bodies and laugh.

OK Fine, that counts as a negative test, then. She went to the test clinic, and they didn't find anything. Sneeze freely, @Candace!

@Johncdvorak I work with a lot TicTok liberals. Their rhetoric has been intensified over the last week. Stories about bleach, people overdosing on horse dewormer and the need to test 5 year old children. They all deny anyone vaccinated is getting sick. Rough times a head.

Might want to look at Israel, most vaccinated country in the world, most controlled borders in the world, most covid cases per capita in the world.

the writer has to try to attribute to other people the cause of her actions

Why do they cheer those who get sick/ die of COVID (?) and did not take the gene therapy but those who took it and got sick/ died are heroes?

because it is not about a virus, but it is a new religion. TDS has morphed into a religion, and the vax is one of its key sacraments.
@Yusefina @Johncdvorak You might want to go to Facebook if you don't want raw data and conflicting opinions. There you'll get a nice controlled environment with no intelligent discussions that might hurt your brain.
@nanook , ... @Yusefina is talking about the comments to Candace's tweet.

@nanook what BR 549 said....
The comments about Candace are disgusting.

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